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March is Women’s History Month: Who are the women that inspire us?

This month, in celebration of Women's History Month, we want to dedicate the Her Campus St. Olaf Photoblog to women who inspire us! Any day during the month of March, you can submit a photo of a woman who inspires YOU (and 1-2 sentences explaning why) to lucycasale@hercampus.com and briannawilson@hercampus.com

3/27/2012: [left, Tara Kraft, SHAPE Magazine editor-in-chief; right, Lucy Danziger, SELF Magazine editor-in-chief]
"As head editors for two of my favorite women's magazines – SHAPE and SELF – Tara Kraft and Lucy Danziger are huge inspirations to me! Not only are these women phenomenal at what they do (writing for, editing, and running their respective publications), but they practice what they preach by setting healthy examples for their readers." – Lucy Casale '13/HC St. Olaf Campus Correspondent 

3/14/2012: [right to left: Dr. Vonhof, Grace, Dr. Huffer] "Both of these ladies inspire me because they have helped my passion for dentistry grow.  Not only do they help me perfect my smile, but they have let me shadow them during their work days to see what my job as a dentist would look like!" – Grace Bartlett '13

3/5/2012: "Me with Naomi Tutu, human rights activist and daughter of Nobel Peace Price laureate Desmond Tutu. I met her at the Nobel Peace Price Forum this weekend and she's a lovely, inspiring woman with a lot of passion!" – Sophie Dekker '15

3/13/2012: "My Aunt Kathy, who passed away too soon from lung cancer in November 2011 but lived a full and passionate life devoted to her students, sailing, snowboarding, and her friends and family."
– Emily Anderson '13

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