Last Minute Gift Ideas for Friends

Do you need some last minute gift ideas?  Did you also wait until the last minute to finalize your shopping?  Here are some sites/things I've found that I think would interest the different friends in your life.  



The Book Lover

Neil Gaiman is an amazing writer and a lot of the proceeds go to charity, two birds-one stone!  Choose between $1, $8, and $15 for different books or pieces of Gaiman's writing, some of which are rare.  The Humble Bundle website also has video game bundles for those on Steam!  Check it out!


The Wildlife Enthusiast

WWF just released a beautiful video about donating to save tigers.  Donate for a friend/adopt an animal on their behalf!  Or buy other merchandise, like the 2017 calendar, to aid in helping wildlife conservation!


The Friend with Eclectic Taste

Get them a subscription to a monthly service.  Music, Books, Beauty, Snacks, and more! 


The Music Guru

Honestly, there are so many cool ideas out there on the internet.  Like this awesome mug and steeping cover for tea.  Get them a favorite CD, the above box subscription, accessories for their chosen instrument (ex: fancy picks for guitar players), jewelry, or a band/lyric poster.  You can never have too many posters in college!  Concert tickets are also a great idea.  Maybe a little pricey, but the experience would be fun and your friend can see his/her favorite artist with a really cool friend (that's you!).


The Disney Obsessed

TSUM TSUMS!!!!  I currently have too many of these adorable stuffed animals, but I always like getting more!  If your friend likes things that are cute or Disney, or play the game, get them a Tsum Tsum!  They come in three different size plushies, plastic figures, and much more.  The basic tsums and merchandise can be found at most major department stores, but are cheapest at Target and Walmart.  However, mugs and other dishware can be found at The Disney Store, online or at MOA.  


It's a bit hard to think of things without knowing people, but anything you get in which you take the time to consider the other person, is something they will love.  If all else fails, get them a gift card!  If you go for a gift card, make it generic (Target or Amazon) so they can buy whatever they are into.  Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!



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