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How to Wake Up Early

Image Source via Best Health Magazine  

I’ve always been a night owl. I could never get myself out of bed in time for school and am always running late. Recently, I’ve been waking a bit earlier in order to have more time for myself and to not always be in that chaotic morning rush. Waking up earlier makes me feel more energetic and happier as well. Here are a few things I do to wake earlier:

Sleep Earlier

Sleeping early instead of pulling an all-nighter before an exam is proven to help you do better on the test. It’s also useful to not use technology an hour before bed so you can fall asleep easier.

Set up a Sleeping Schedule

It’s very useful to go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday. My first class on Monday begins at 10:45am whereas my Tuesday class begins at 9:00am. So everyday I try to go to bed before midnight and wake up at 8:00am. By doing this, I usually wake up before my alarm and feel more refreshed.

Morning Stretches

If you don’t have time to go to the gym, then just doing some simple stretches or yoga poses to start off your day will get you ready to tackle your day. Check out this great article from Active.com for 5 easy-to-do morning stretches

Open your Blinds/Windows

Obviously, we can’t open the windows just yet since it’s still cold and snowy out. However, opening up your blinds and having sunlight stream in instantly makes me you feel more awake. When spring sets in opening your windows allows some fresh air in also helps to wake you up.

Eat Breakfast/Drink Water

Breakfast is my favorite meal so having that to look forward is an impetus for me to get up every morning. Make sure to eat something substantial because it’s the most important meal of the day!

Prepare for the Morning

One of the reasons I can get up a bit earlier is because I’ve laid my stuff out the evening before such as what clothes I’m going to wear for the day and I prepacked my backpack so I won’t forget anything. These easy things to do beforehand will help your morning go smoother and make you feel like you’re not always in a hurry.

Listen to Some Morning Tunes

Waking up to a loud and obnoxious alarm, for me anyway, isn’t how I want to start off my day. I like to listen to some soothing music instead to get me ready for the day.

Image Source via healthtable.org

Have a wonderful week!