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Hotfoot and the Hotshots to play their first set this Friday at 620 Bar & Grill

Band members from left to right: Will Carlson, Jay Carlson, Francis Maginn and Nick Coe.

With the plethora of talented school-endorsed bands and choirs, music fanatics are never at a loss for an impressive musical performance here on the hill. But this weekend, Oles are handed the unique opportunity of watching a freshly formed alternative rock band take the stage for the first time.  Hotfoot and the hotshots, an emerging four-man band will deliver their first performance at 620 Bar & Grill on Friday, November 18 at 11 p.m. Be there to add more amps to their already electrifying performance. 

Although newly formed, Carlson and Maginn have dreamed of forming a band since 2008 and Carlson has been writing music for seven or eight years. The band adapted his original songs–originally written for a solo acoustic guitarist– to form a unified sound. The set includes nine original songs and two covers.  

Set list:

1) “Leave Town”
2) “I’ll Be There”
3) “Lights Are On”
4) “Recover”
5) “Train in Vain” (cover of The Clash)
6) “In My Time”
7) “Pride of Lions (Ocean Song)”
8) “Saboteur”
9) “Daylight Savings”
10) “Nugget (cover of Cake)”
11) “Highlights”

For more information, visit the band’s Facebook event page:

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