Fun Websites to Waste Time (While Avoiding Homework)

If you're like me, you're avoiding homework at all costs.  While I love Netflix as much as the next college student, sometimes watching T.V. all the time gets old.  Therefore I decided to put together a list of entertaining websites that I love when I want to kill time or a get a good laugh.

First of all, some relaxing websites:

Things Organized Neatly - The only tumblr site you will ever see me on.  It is a site filled with things, which are organized...neatly.  Super satisfying and an interesting collection of photography, in my opinion.

It's a work of art, I swear!


Oddly Satisfying - A subreddit my friend showed me after I told her how much I liked looking at the Things Organized neatly site.  This reddit site has pictures as well as gifs to watch to your heart's content.

It fits so well :') 


Rainy Mood - A website good for relaxing and studying ( I write all my papers while listening to rain noises).  You can pair it with your favorite soundtracks or choose from their pre-paired albums!

For the funny stuff:

Watch any of the videos on this very long list of "Important Videos" from youtube.  I recommend 12 Bricks.

Honestly, I think we all know Buzzfeed is a great place to waste time so definitely check them out!  I'm not even kidding...I went over to Buzzfeed to get a link to the website and I opened about 10 new tabs.  I mean, I had to find out what Disney Channel era I belong in!

Subreddit, Children Falling Over.  Okay, this isn't funny when the kids seem like they would get hurt, but when it's toddlers who fall over because they don't understand how limbs work, I get very entertained!


Cat Love & Dog Love for your lonely moments!

Check out this simulated hacker website to make it seem like you're actually cool!


Thanks for reading!  Let me know if you have any fun websites that I should check out!  

<3/ Rachel


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