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Easy Study Snacks to Keep You Fueled Through Finals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

Finals are coming up quick!  Eek!  Just because you’re ten times busier than normal doesn’t mean that you should neglect your body. For many people, more stress and studying means more snacking.  Try to avoid the unhealthy late-night ice cream, pizza, and Doritos, and try some of these snacks instead!  

Apples, Celery or Bananas with Peanut Butter

If you’re hoping to stay healthy during finals week, this is a great option.  Peanut butter contains a lot of fat, but it’s a great source of protein that will keep your body energized during late-night study sessions!  

Granola or Protein Bars

Many protein bars are unhealthy, but even so, there are some good options out there.  Try Luna Bars, Kind Bars, or Larabars.  They’re easy to take on-the-go in your backpack, and they’re surprisingly delicious! 


Try not to become coffee crazy during finals week.  Adding coffee to your diet will confuse your body, and it won’t keep you healthy or hydrated.  Always have a water bottle with you, and avoid sugary drinks during finals week.  Water does more long-term energizing than caffeine.

Veggies or Crackers with Hummus

Like peanut butter, hummus is impressively high in protein.  Add some veggies, crackers, or pretzels, and you’ve got a super healthy and filling snack! 

Dried Fruit, Granola or Trail Mix

If your favorite snacks are salty chips and crackers, a better substitute might be trail mix.  It’ll be naturally salty, crunchy and tasty, and it’s pretty easy to bring with you in your backpack.  Add some yogurt to the mix for a yummy parfait! 

Pizza isn’t always bad… 

You don’t need to completely neglect all unhealthy foods.  If there’s a time and place for splurging on pizza, finals week is definitely the time.  Ordering pizza with friends is a fun study break, especially since you won’t be seeing your closest friends for three whole months! Enjoy this last week and don’t beat yourself up if you end up eating unhealthy every once and awhile.  

Pick up some of these healthy snacks on your next trip to Target!  Treat yourself during this stressful time, and good luck on your finals! 

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