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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

It is Homecoming Week! Everyone on campus is wearing school colors, enjoying Student Government-led activities with their friends, and cheering on the home sports team. School spirit is at an all time high.

Showing your school spirit doesn’t need to end after homecoming, you can make this easy DIY Pennant for your school, and keep it in your room as a decoration. It is a great way to keep your school spirit at soaring throughout the year!


You will need:



Colored Paper

Paint and Paint Brush (or markers)

And of course, School Spirit!

*Optional: unsharpened pencil or popsicle stick and tape 



1. First things first, I’m a realist. OK, but really, first take a piece of colored paper and cut it into a triangle. Use a ruler to make sure the edges are straight.

2. Outline your schools name, chant or mascot in pencil. 

3. Fill in the letters with paint or marker. 

4. Add any other features you deem fitting. (I added a lion’s paw on mine!)

5. Tada! You now have your own school pennant!

6. You can tape the flag to a popsicle stick or the end of a pencil to bring to sporting events, or you can leave it as is, since we all know that it is stunning, and hang it in your room!


If you don’t want to make it for homecoming, this certainly does make for a great procrastination activity, regardless of what time of year it is. You can call it “school” work, since it is representing your college or university. (Side note: we do not endorse procrastinating.) 

May the spirit of homecoming bid you well.

Happy Homecoming!