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Cooking on Campus: Sugared Apple Slices

As the leaves begin to change colors and fall comes full swing, people look forward to their favorite fall foods. Apples, pumpkins and candy corn are all great treats that people associate with fall. I love apples, especially in the fall, because of their versatility. You can use them in crisps and pies, dip them in anything or just enjoy a fresh, crunchy apple at any time of the day.

I found this recipe in the Food Network Magazine and knew it would be a perfect, and healthy, fall snack. The apple slices shrink a lot, so I recommend cutting your slices a little thicker. The slices become sweet little chips– dried, yet still flavorful. Dipping the slices in yogurt adds creaminess to the sweetness. These really are a great afternoon snack!

All you need is:
· 1 apple
· Powdered sugar
· Yogurt for dipping

1. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees.

2. Thinly slice an apple and arrange slices on a baking sheet. Sprinkle powdered sugar on the slices.

3. Bake slices for 1 hour.

4. Cool and enjoy by dipping slices in yogurt.

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