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Cooking on Campus: Healthy Finals Snacks


Well. Here we are again. Another snowy spring day. Another day I will complain about the snow. Another day not spent laying out on my front porch. Another day closer to graduation. 

But, also, another day filled with delicious food!

This week’s blog post will focus on yummy, healthy snacks for finals. Yes, despite the inches of snow on the ground and the lack of flower/leaves/green grass, finals are 14 days away. Now is the time to start preparing for them, which includes arming yourself with healthy snacks to get you through.

No matter how confusing the weather is or how stressed finals makes you, just remember that summer is less than a month away!

My first healthy finals snack is frozen banana bites. I have made banana bites before, but these are different and much better. This recipe is for banana bites covered with a mixture of chocolate and peanut butter. Once covered in the mixture, they are supposed to be frozen, but I found that I didn’t really enjoy eating a frozen, cold piece of banana. I enjoyed eating the banana bites when they were refrigerated instead of frozen. They are easier to eat and taste more like bananas, but either way works!

I found a couple other recipes on Pinterest, but I didn’t make them.

Raspberries stuffed with chocolate chips: 

I have seen these all over Pinterest lately, and thought they would be a perfect little snack for finals. Just as the name suggests, all you do is take a raspberry and stuff it with a chocolate chip. How simple and yummy does that sound? Make a big batch and take them with you to the library.

Apple peanut butter sandwiches: 

Another Pinterest find, these apple sandwiches are just different goodies sandwiched in between two apple slices. Use whatever goodies you want, like peanut butter, granola, chocolate chips, honey, bananas, etc. These snacks are a great way to get some fruit in your diet and some protein from peanut butter. Even better, you can find all these ingredients in the Caf, so if you are sneaky enough you can take the ingredients out of the Caf and make the sandwiches as a snack later. Or, try adding all the same ingredients to whole wheat toast (one of my favorite snacks). 


Frozen Banana Bites:


·      2 large bananas

·      ¼ cup peanut butter

·      ¼ cup chocolate chips


1.     Cut up the bananas into large chunks. You should get 5-6 pieces per banana  

2.     Melt the peanut butter and chocolate chips in the microwave. Stir until smooth. 


3.     Prepare a plate with wax paper/tin foil.

4.     Dip the bananas in the chocolate mixture. I just dropped the banana pieces into the bowl one by one, rolled them around until covered, and then used a toothpick or kabob stick to fish the piece out and drain off excess chocolate. 

5.     Enjoy right away, or either freeze or refrigerate the banana pieces. If you do refrigerate or freeze, cover them with plastic wrap or something else to protect them from freezer burn.


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