Coffee Conversations: 5 Best Coffee Shops in the Twin Cities

So many college students rely on coffee to get going in the morning. Whether that be a freshly brewed coffee from your Keurig in your dorm to a cozy cup of joe from the Cage, the need for coffee is real! Personally, I don’t drink coffee too much, but I know many people who love coffee so I’ve been to quite a few coffee shops. I also did some research on some great places to get coffee in and around the Twin Cities. If you don’t like coffee, coffee shops offer a variety of other beverages and delicious food so you don’t have to be a coffee addict for this post to be useful. Coffee shops are also the perfect place to study and to relax.


SpyHouse Coffee

SpyHouse has four locations around the Minneapolis/St. Paul area that is very convenient. If you can’t come by for their hot coffee, you can purchase their coffee beans on their website. They have delicious croissants that go perfect with your morning coffee.

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The Bachelor Farmer Cafe

One of my favorite places to get a fresh baked pastry would be at the Bachelor Farmer cafe. This quaint coffee shop features lovely artistic lattes and scrumptious baked goods that will have you feeling quite content. They also have a restaurant near the cafe if you wanted to grab brunch!

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Black Coffee and Waffle Bar

Who doesn’t love waffles and coffee? I certainly couldn't live without waffles. There are many options for waffles here including my favorite: the Naughty Waffle, which contains various fruits and almond butter. There are also s’mores, apple strudel, and of course the opportunity to build your own!

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Cafe Astoria

This St. Paul locale is perfect place to hang out with friends. The iconic 24k latte is must-have drink to get whenever you are in the city. Some delicious smoothie bowls are also available and they are out of this world!

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Goodbye Blue Monday Coffeehouse

Technically, this is not in the Twin Cities, but I just had to include the infamous Goodbye Blue Monday Coffeehouse on the list. This small town coffee shop is a must for Oles and Carls. Located in the middle of downtown Northfield, it’s a great place for a cup of coffee, catching up with friends and finishing up last minute homework.


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*Cover photo taken by me and I used Pic Collage for text