Beyond the Gym: 5 Ways to Wear Joggers

Hey Fashionistas!

Finally, it’s the moment we fashionistas have been waiting for! We've come across a pair of pants that embodies both fashion and function: Joggers! They’ve been seen more and more on campus this year, and I believe they will be a trend continuing into winter. Dress them up or dress them down, joggers are a comfy and highly fashionable option. For inspiration, I’ve put together five ways to wear jogger pants this season! Be inspired and give one (or all!) of these looks a try!

Dressed-Up: Joggers with heels

Pairing joggers with heels seems like an odd option, but you have to admit, it is quite the cute pairing! The mixing of casual and fancy creates a visually interesting, unique and extremely stylish look that will surely turn heads in a good way! If you’re really bold, try a blazer on top or a silk top to complement the dressiness of the heels. It’s unexpected, but that’s what fashion is all about! 

Casual: Joggers with booties and a denim jacket

Keep things simple by pairing your joggers with ankle booties and your classic denim jacket. This look is surely campus-appropriate as you transition throughout your day. The booties and extra layers keep the look put-together, and the joggers add an appealing quality to the look. Wearing your joggers with a denim jacket and booties is the perfect option for a comfy, yet stylish look. 

Edgy: Joggers with a leather jacket

Bring out your inner edge by pairing your joggers with a leather jacket. Keep the edgy style throughout the look by wearing a pair of Converse or Vans. But don't be afraid to switch things up, either! Play around with shirts under your leather jacket – a concert tee, sweatshirt, or even chambray to alter the look even more! This look is easy-going, stylish and on-trend with mixing styles. 

Monochromatic: Black joggers with a black top

For those of you who have been to some areas in Europe, Denmark specificially, you will notice that the monochromatic black look is a popular outfit. Take a little bit of inspiration from the Scandinavian look and stick to all one color! Black looks great for this look, and with joggers, it breaks-up the texture of the look so it’s a bit more daring! Not to mention you will be extremely comfortable in this look! For the fall and winter months, pair this monochromatic look with black ankle booties or black Nikes. 

Sporty: Joggers plus a sweatshirt 

Busy day? Don’t have a lot of time to put a look together? This should be your go-to look for fall and winter! A sporty look – joggers with sneakers, a sweatshirt and hat – is perfect for a day full of running around. This look doesn’t require much effort at all, yet is undoubtably stylish! You can try a hooded sweatshirt, crew neck or zipper hoodie – all will look great with joggers. Don’t forget to accessorize with a hat or sporty headband!

Well fashionistas, I hope you are inspired to try out these jogger looks! I guarentee that you’ll love the fashion and function elements of these stylish pants! Think outside the gym when you put on your joggers...your options are endless!

Stay fashionable, Oles!


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