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Disclosure: I am a first year, so I have yet to discover some of the coolest study spaces, but here’s what I’ve found so far.

            The reference room in the library is one of my favorites.  It’s silent in there, which can be slightly intimidating, but it definitely helps motivate you to study and get your homework done.  Plus, it looks like Hogwarts in the reference room, so it feels like you’re learning Defense Against The Dark Arts instead of Physics!

            If you like some background noise while you’re studying, try the Cage. It’s a great place to grab lunch, catch up with friends, or do some homework.  Yes, it doesn’t boast the silence of the reference room, but it’s definitely a nice change of pace from the traditional silent study atmosphere. My personal favorite study snack? Yogurt covered pretzels!

            Trying to get some homework done before class? Try the lawn chairs outside! Especially in the fall, it’s a beautiful place to do your reading, or do some last minute studying for a hard test. 

            Right near the lawn chairs is the third floor of Tomson.  The third floor boasts comfy chairs, the perfect combination of quiet and background noise, and lots of natural light.  It’s a great place for any type of homework: reading, cramming, writing, equations, anything and everything.

            Finally, I love studying in the main lobby area of Dittman.  Similar to the third floor of Tomson, there’s natural light, awesome chairs, and a bustling atomosphere. Sometimes, you can even hear music students practicing their most recent assignment.

            No matter what kind of study environment you enjoy, these five are a great alternative to your most recent study spot! 

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