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Beneath the Sheets and on the Street: Roommate Faux Pas

God, I don’t even know where to start with sex and/or relationships this week. This week, alone, has given me a wide range of topics for future Her Campus articles ranging from the clustered nature of relationships at St. Olaf to the protocol of “Omg r w3 d8ing or wut?” to the entirely unnecessary drunken confessions of love from male friends.

But this week, I’m going to talk about a subject that’s abnormally pertinent to me and assumedly the St. Olaf community: that being, roommate faux pas. Within the past few weeks, I’ve become involved with someone actually on the St. Olaf Campus (weird, I didn’t think that was possible). It’s actually been a really nice distraction because somehow it’s panned out that he is in no way affiliated with my former flames or friend group (and again, I didn’t think that was possible). We’ve gotten to the point in our relationship where spending the night in each other’s rooms is kosher and assumedly, our respected roommates are kosher with that as well…

So on Thursday night, I spent the night in his room. He wanted a ride to campus and his dorm happens to be very close to my 8 a.m. classroom. So, from a logistical and drunken logical standpoint, I thought spending the night in his room made a lot of sense.

Friday night rolls around and I’m at a party with unnamed boo and his roommate, who happens to be VERY intoxicated. He corners me at a party and tells me that not only does he resent me and feel bitterness towards me, but he actually was annoyed about me sleeping in the room the previous night. I apologize and think we metaphorically kiss and make up.

Not so fast, apparently. A long and complicated story-made-short is that I was exiled from MY room. Naturally, I tried to see if I could spend the night again. Unnamed boo texts roommates and having received no response and assuming said roommate is asleep, we proceed. Also let it be noted that when I sleep over at someone’s room, a sleepover isn’t a euphemism for playing grab ass or heavy petting. No, I literally just go to sleep.

So basically a conflict arises, in which multiple passive aggressive texts are exchanged this morning. I’m really just confused because I didn’t think another body in a room is really that big of an issue: especially since I’m practically dating said boo.

So here is where I make this roommate faux pas situation applicable to the wider St. Olaf community. If your roommate happens to be uncomfortable by the presence of another body, you should probably talk about that beforehand. Also, probably shouldn’t involve the girl/boy who’s invading the space: if you have an issue with your roommate, that’s probably something you, alone, should handle. Mostly, my whole point is figure these things out prior to involving anyone else!

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