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The other day, I decided to refresh my makeup bag with a few of this season’s hottest products, and here is what I love at the moment:

Beauty Balms (BB Creams):

These all-in-one face creams have a laundry list of benefits. Originally developed in Germany, these BB Creams have become the hottest trend in make-up. They are a sunscreen, moisturizer, concealer, foundation, primer and anti-aging cream all in one! I use mine like a foundation but still use moisturizer. There are many brands and shades of beauty balms, so give one a try!

Moisturizing Colored Lip Balms:

These super-nourishing tinted lip balms give you great color with a hint of shine. However, it is not goopy like a lip-gloss and never has to be sharpened like a lipstick. Clinique has a line of “chubby sticks” that are great, but Revlon has some that are much more affordable and the same quality!


Matte Top Coat for Nail Polish:

Matte nail polish is edgy but clean, and it looks great on everyone! Buying a matte topcoat allows you to matte-ify any color you want. Revlon has a great one that is pretty cheap. Yes, dull is a synonym for matte, but this look is anything but that! 


Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip and Cheek Stain:

My undying love for lip stains continues to hold fast. However, this one in particular has found a place above this rest. Maran’s magic marker adds a pop of color to your lips or cheeks, but, unlike many, its formula doesn’t dry your skin out!

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