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While talking to my grandma the other day, I realized that many girls today do not know the tricks of the trade when it comes to wearing lipstick. In an age of stains, glosses and balms, it seems as if the elegant statement of wearing your favorite lipstick has been lost! One of the reasons that sticks have become a thing of the past and saved for special occasions is that they aren’t as easy to apply!

However, I think that wearing a great shade of lipstick is one of the most simplistic ways to look pulled together. So, here we go. Hot Lips 101:

1. Find your favorite shade of lipstick (I am using red for dramatic effect here).

1 ½. If you are wearing a dramatic color, put your lip color on before you make up the rest of your face to avoid an over-done look.

2. Prep your lips by rubbing a warm washing cloth over them. This “exfoliates” your lips in a sense and makes them look plumper! Then apply some lip balm.

3. Once your lips are prepped, it is time to add color. I like to put a lip stain in a similar shade on first to lock in the color. Then I use a lipstick brush, which gives that color a much more organic and smooth look. Using a brush also prevents built-up lipstick. Use the brush to slowly paint on the color, and make sure you start from the middle and work your way out!

4. The final step is to clean everything up. Press your lips together (pretend you have no teeth) and apply powder over the edges of your lips. This cleans up the shape and prevents your lipstick from running.

5. Remove excess color. Take a tissue, fold it in half and lightly press your lips around it. Then, place your finger between your teeth, put your lips over your teeth and pull your finger out. This age-old trick keeps extra lipstick from getting on your teeth!

Now you have the perfect lips for a night out or for your big stage performance!

*Photo credit: Caroline Bressman

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