The Beauty Beat: Fishtails for Lutefest

For a day that has absolutely nothing to do with Lutefisk – the traditional Norwegian dish of cod soaked in lye – Lutefest and its pun on the fish always brings them to my mind.

In the spirit of fun and games that Lutefest is known for (though presenty it's most known for certain antics deemed fishy by the administration), what better way to celebrate the day than with a Fishtail braid
As a matter of fact, braids are in style right now. From runway shows to Pinterest boards to the big screen (check out the 'do on Katniss Everdeen, star of recent film The Hunger Games) it seems that everyone is talking about braids. And when it comes to the Fishtail, anything goes!

While the biggest current trend is the sidebraid Fishtail, the regular Fishtail braid is also popular, as are variations on the hairstyle like this Fishtail braid or that Fishtail braid.
I’ll be honest; at first I thought making a Fishtail seemed way too hard and way too confusing – not to mention time consuming. I rarely ever style my own hair but I’ve always adored the look of this braid and wished I could figure it out.

Fortunately, after following along with this simple video, I was able to do it!

For those of you who have mastered the Fishtail in all of its forms, check out this video and try out the incredible Mermaid braid (bottom right) – not for beginners! 

The Waterfall braid (bottom left) is another amazing hairstyle; see this blog for a how-to!

Remember Oles, whatever beauty trend you’re trying, have fun with it!
Happy Lutefest,
 xoxo Lucy

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