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7 Lessons We Learned From The Bachelor This Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

Hey Oles! The 18th season of The Bachelor wrapped up last week in an explosive finale, leading host Chris Harrison to deem this as the “most controversial season of The Bachelor ever.” Whether you watched it or not, here are a few things we took away from this round of ladies and their experiences with Juan Pablo.

1. Always make an entrance.

Everybody wants to make a good first impression, but to really catch someone’s eye you need to stand out from the crowd. Why not wear a fake pregnancy suit, or roll up to your date on a piano bike while playing a heartfelt piece you composed?

2. Find a job that you are passionate about.

The Bachelor attracts a wide variety of women from all sorts of professional backgrounds; this season alone, there were teachers, an assistant district attorney, a retired NBA dancer and an opera singer. You’ve got to admire these girls for their successful careers, but the two women whose jobs really stood out this time around were Kelly, the self-proclaimed “Dog Lover”, and Lucy, the “Free Spirit”. Hey, at least they enjoy their work!

3. Don’t get drunk if you want to impress someone.

Victoria learned the hard way how to not do a group date; getting a little worried about sharing her potential hubby with 12 other ladies for the evening, she decided to ease her nerves with some liquid courage. Hint: If you want to make a good impression, don’t get hammered and then parade around the room proclaiming, “I’m not a dog- I’m just a bitch!”

4. If your heart isn’t in it, let it go.

This season, we saw Andi and Sharleen ditch Juan Pablo when they realized he just wasn’t the one. Not only that, but Andi gave him quite the ultimatum before she left, much to the audiences’ delight. Andi and Sharleen embody the idea of female empowerment in a show that hoards together emotionally vulnerable women and forces them to compete for the love of a man.

5. Boys come and go, but friends last forever.

One of the best (and weirdest?) parts of embarking on the Bachelor journey is coming out in the end with a group of girlfriends that will last a lifetime. Over the years, The Bachelor has served as a breeding ground for amazing friendships between young, attractive women; after their stints on the show, some even go on to become bridesmaids in each others’ weddings. Nothing brings a group of girls together like competing for the same boyfriend!

6. Love requires trust.

Every episode, we see the Bachelor take his women on crazy, adrenaline-filled dates, from bungee jumping off of skyscrapers to rappelling down waterfalls. All of these are regarded as “trust exercises”- if the girl is scared of heights or just doesn’t want to do the activity (because not all of us think throwing ourselves off buildings is fun), she clearly does not trust Juan Pablo and will likely be sent home. Naturally, all of the girls build up their courage and take the leap (literally).

7. “Eeees okkkkk!”

In the wise words of Juan Pablo, “Eeeees okkkkk.” The phrase that drove Andi insane and eventually turned Bachelor nation against the Bachelor himself sums up this season perfectly. If you are in love, everything will all work out in the end- even if that love is one-sided, as it appears to be with Juan Pablo and Nikki.

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Lindsey Tucker is a freshman at St. Olaf College, and is the writer for the Ole Entertainment Blog. When she's not scoping out new music tracks or browsing Netflix for the next show to watch, she enjoys playing accordion with The Runestones, whipping up tasty drinks in The Cage and attending the occasional concert.