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4 Quick and Easy DIY Holiday Gifts

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

The holidays are near, and conversations of gifts, Secret Santa and decorations are floating around campus.  Instead of stressing out over finding the perfect gift and splitting your money between friends, family, teachers and coworkers, try experimenting with your creative side and make one of these festive crafts to give to your loved ones! 

1. Glitter Mason Jar Candles 

The holidays are a perfect excuse to go crazy with glitter.  Here’s a perfect 10-minute craft that is easy, festive, and full of glitter.

Supplies: Mason jar(s), liquid glue, glitter, ribbon or twine (optional), tea light candle

Directions: Start by brushing the liquid glue on the inside of the mason jars.  Add the glitter of your choice and roll/spin/shake the jar around until the glitter coats the sides.  Let the glue dry and add the candle.  Tie a ribbon around the jar if you want to add a festive touch!  

College Tip: If you’re giving this gift to a fellow student, buy a fake battery-powered candle to follow the dorm rules. :-)   

2. Chalkboard Mugs

College students and professors can never use enough coffee mugs! Here’s the perfect way to give a cheap mug a homemade touch.  

Supplies: Porcelain mug(s), chalkboard paint, painter’s tape, chalk, mini ornaments and/or ribbon (optional)

Directions: Section off the part of your mug that you want to paint with painter’s tape.  Brush a thick coat of chalkboard paint on the mug, avoiding bubbles.  Let dry for 1 hour.  Apply second coat of chalkboard paint touching up any missed spots.  Remove the tape while the second coat is still wet to prevent peeling edges of the paint.  Leave the mug to dry overnight.  Prep the chalkboard surface by covering the entire surface with chalk and erasing it.  Once the surface is prepped, take a piece of chalk and start drawing!  Add a ribbon with a little ornament attached for a finishing touch. 

3. Cookie in a Jar

Want to share your favorite holiday cookie recipe, but don’t have access to a kitchen or the proper tools? Try this twist on the traditional holiday cookie exchange! 

Supplies: Mason jar(s), chosen cookie recipe ingredients, festive ribbon or stickers (optional)

Directions:  Layer the dry ingredients of your cookie recipe into the jar. Attach a tag with the baking instructions and decorate the jar with festive fabrics, ribbons, tags, or stickers. You can give jars of cookie and brownie mixes, or even the ingredients to make a delicious cup of hot chocolate.  Enjoy! 

4. Creative Cards

When in doubt, make a thoughtful card!  Everybody loves getting a homemade card.

 Supplies: Holiday scrapbooking paper, ribbon, stickers, glue, scissors

Directions: Be creative! Play around with different designs, drawings, ribbons, and stickers.  Don’t forget to add a personalized message inside for friends and family.  You could even add a little “IOU” pass inside.  For example, “This card is valid for one trip to Starbucks on me” or “Free Spa Day put on by yours truly”.

Instead of worrying about the holidays, take a break from homework and have a craft night with one of these fun ideas! Happy Holidays! 

Glitter Mason Jars Chalkboard MugsCookie in a JarCreative Cards