2016 Alternative Rock CDs To Get Excited About

Night Riots

I'm most likely going to talk about these guys again because I love them.  They are an amazing band hailing from California.  I met 2/5 of them at their concert last spring and am currently getting super excited for their 1st official CD.  Night Riots are the sweetest and funniest guys, who just happen to make amazing music.  They have a few heavier rock songs as well as some pop-rock songs.  Their CD is out October 21st, and they'll be in the cities November 7th.  Check out 'Nothing Personal' and 'Fangs' for a peak at their new album!


Young the Giant

I talked about Young the Giant in a previous blog, but I seriously love their new album!  It just came out in September, so it's still relatively new.  Again, they are amazing live and have diverse songs.


Kaiser Chiefs

The Kaiser Chiefs have been one of my favorite bands for a long time now.  While most of their songs are angry and anti-establishment, their new songs are a new style for the British rockers.  As frontman Ricky Wilson said, "If Education, Education, Education & War was our protest album, then Stay Together is our relationship album."  Stay Together has a happier feel to it and includes more pop-rock songs such as "Parachute" and "Hole in My Soul." Personally, I prefer their CDs Education, Education, Education & War and Yours Truly, Angry Mob.



The new Bastille CD is now out!  I confess, I haven't listened to the whole album yet.  However, I loved their debut album and their single from the new album, so I'm sure their new album is amazing!  I could honestly listen to his beautiful voice all day.  So, I'll go listen on Spotify now if you do too :D 


Jimmy Eat World

As if you didn't love "The Middle" when you were a kid.  Finally a new Jimmy CD!  I actually just heard their new single, "Sure and Certain," and was thoroughly impressed.  That classic alternative rock sound is always fun to listen to.  I loved singing "The Middle" when I was little but I truly started to appreciate them when I first heard the lyrics of "Hear You Me."  Let's continue with some more nostalgia!



Ok, hear me out.  I agree that they are completely ridiculous, but that adds to their charm.  My roommate and I started listening to their old stuff for nostalgia's sake, but have actually begun to enjoy their newer stuff.  Their single "Bored to Death" is catchy and has a good sound.  I think the departure of Tom Delonge did Blink a favor, although,admittedly,  his parts were the most fun to sing. I also have to add, disclaimer: Blink-182 is more punk-rock rather than alternative rock.


Fitz and the Tantrums

Fitz is super fun to listen to, so I'm excited about the new album.  You've probably heard their incredibly catchy single, "Handclap" but be sure to check out the rest of their album if you want to have a one woman/man dance party!


Two Door Cinema Club

I feel a little dumb when it comes to Two Door Cinema Club, because I kept hearing their new songs but just thought they were old ones I hadn't heard before.  However (dur da dur) they have a new album coming out!  It actually comes out October 14th (2 days after I'm writing this blog)!  Pick up a copy and start jamming to their alternative/dance style music.


 I will also say that I'm VERY excited about Paramore and The Killer's new albums which will hopefully be out this year or next!

I've been waiting so long for this new Paramore album and they keep teasing me!

The Killers sadly just started, so it should be a while before the new album is out :(

Let me know if you have any alternative CD/band recommendations because I love to hear new music!

<3/ Rachel