Where To Find A Formal Dress This Season

It’s that time of the year again ladies. It’s formal season! We all love formal but finding the perfect dress to feel confident in can be stressful and I’m here to help. I personally have always struggled to find a cute and flirty dress for formals or even throughout high school. I have finally nailed it though and am going to pass along some great tips. I havecompiled 5 great stores to order dresses from and hopefully it helps! 


Revolve is a classic store to purchase any dress from! If you are looking for any kind of dress you can go right here. There is an incredibly large selection and you can pick all different kinds of price ranges. Overall highly recommend.  


If you aren’t looking for something expense the store superdown has an amazing set of dresses. Most of their dresses also are similar brands to revolve just the cheaper brands! 


I discovered peppermayo in High School and would always get my school dance dresses here. Be warned though it runs small and takes some time to ship because it’s an Australian store.  


Lulu’s is another classic store for formal dresses. They have a wide variety and our in between the price range of revolve and superdown.  In addition they also have a ton of really cute heels! 


If you aren’t a person who loves to shop online and enjoys trying on dresses in stores then these two stores are perfect for you. Luna is located right in the center of Canton and Isle is just a 20-minute drive to Potsdam. Both always have super cute formal dresses and the store clerks are incredibly helpful.  

I hope these 5 stores will help you in your search for a cute formal dress! Don’t forget to dress it up with some cute heels and fun jewelry.