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I always look forward to Wet Hot, but more importantly, what I am going to wear to Wet Hot. If you did not already know, Wet Hot is a super fun event put on by the Outing Club to commemorate the classic American film (Wet Hot American Summer) and dress in your most obnoxious USA outfit. In my opinion, this is one of the most fun events of the entire year, so I highly recommend that you go if you are debating!

Back to what-to-wear: My biggest tip is to not be afraid to make a statement. If there is one night of the year you can do it, it’s this one. People pull out the coolest Fourth of July apparel that inspire me to go all out. However, if you feel uncomfortable stepping outside of your comfort zone, it is also perfectly acceptable to wear a casual red, white, and blue outfit that will guarantee you a 10/10 Instagram post. In the past, I have honestly kept it pretty simple, but try to sneak in a funky item here and there. I especially love Wet Hot because it allows me to play around with my clothes and create combinations that I never would have if I didn’t have to fit the theme.The most important aspect of Wet Hot for me is the glitter. Now, I know not everyone is a glitter person, BUT I strongly encourage you to try it for this occasion. I love wearing fun chunky star glitter or even a basic silver one across the tops of my cheeks. I don’t know what it is, but something about having glitter on makes me feel complete and ready to have a good time. 

I recommend shopping around the local Walmart for some snazzy accessories that you won’t feel badly about losing or breaking. Oddly enough, they always have charming Fourth of July jewelry and party beads, alongside a wide array of funny sunglasses that are sure to have a pop out effect. You can also find tons of cheap basics and keep it in its original form or completely redesign it. 

The most important thing about Wet Hot is to wear something that you feel good in and enjoy yourself! You can even create matching outfits with your friends if you’re lacking inspiration/Wet Hot appropriate items in your closet. Just have fun with it! Hope to see you all there!

Charlotte Barry

St Law U '21

Hi! My name is Charlotte Barry and I am a member of the SLU Her Campus chapter!
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