What To Do With Your Family During Parent's Weekend

I don’t know about you guys, but I am so beyond excited for Parent’s Weekend! If you did not already know, this event is being held this upcoming weekend, September 27th through the 29th. I had an older brother who graduated from SLU, and normally my parents chose not to attend this event mainly because of the eight-hour car drive. However, when I entered my freshman year and my brother was finishing off his last two semesters, they finally decided to make an appearance. Ever since, at least one of my parents has come each year. 

Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to find fun activities to do with your family on campus and/or in the greater Canton area. Since I’ve had my parents around these past few years, I have a couple of fun suggestions that will be sure to entertain any of your guests. 

One of my favorite memories at SLU was during Parent’s Weekend my freshman year. My older brother was lucky enough to have a townhouse alongside amazing housemates. My brother and I are also gifted with an extraordinarily talented chef that we call mom who put together a massive potluck dinner for all of our friends and their visiting family. It was a beautiful evening too which made it all the more fun. Although not everyone has a townhouse, I really recommend planning something with your friend’s families, even if it’s just a dinner out on the town. I had a blast getting to know everyone and finally putting faces to names. 

I also recommend showing some SLU spirit this weekend and attending one of the sports events going on. Personally, I am taking my parents to the football game on Saturday afternoon. Everyone gets super into the game and it is always fun to cheer on your peers alongside good company. 

Whenever my parents are in town, I always like to show them my go-to spots and the areas I tend to travel to most. This includes some local coffee shops and food stores/restaurants in both Canton in Potsdam. Obviously, The Bagelry is a great spot that is sure to please everyone. They have great coffee and a variety of yummy bagels and sandwiches that are sure to match your family's taste buds. I also advise stopping at 3 Bear’s Bakery in Potsdam to pick up some delicious, gluten-free baked goods or have a casual lunch. I frequently visit the Nature's Storehouse in Canton or the Potsdam Co-Op located in Potsdam in my past-time. These are great stores to shop around and acquire fresh, local food to give your family some insight on our community and all the amazing fruits and veggies it has to offer. If you’re looking for a nice sit-down dinner, I enjoy Maxfield’s, Jake’s On The Water, or the Thai Takeout place (all in Potsdam). My family tends to chose Maxfield’s, but I do not have a preference between the three because they are all so tasty. 

Take advantage of the great outdoors while your parents are here. As you all know, St. Lawrence is such a beautiful area, so it is always entertaining to get outside and be active. I urge you to show them some of the nearby rivers or maybe even go on a hike if the weather permits it. 

All-in-all, be sure to show your family your favorite aspects and areas of SLU so they can gain some insight into your life here and why you love it so much! They will appreciate it more than you know! If you’re not with your family this weekend, join the fun and tag along with a friend or two, or even just give a loved one a call and say how much you miss them. You won’t regret it!