This Weeks Campus Cutie: Trevor Van Leer

This weeks Campus Cutie is the one and only Trevor Van Leer. Trevor is 19 and calls Sudbury, Massachusets home. Here are some fun facts about Trevor:

Relationship status: Single and more than ready to mingle 

Favorite place on campus: Dana

Go-to pick up line

If I’m sitting down: I’m not actually this tall, I’m just sitting on my wallet. 

If I’m standing up: Do you have a Tan, or do you just always look this hot?

Describe your dream date: My Dream date would be jet skiing through the Taiwanese islands, eating lunch on the tip of a Yacht, and then kissing in a beachfront cabana, right into a lazy nap. 

Favorite song: Marvin Gaye, Sexual healing 

Celebrity crush: Lady Gaga

Dogs or cats: I have 1 puppy, he’s a black lab, and 2 lion like outdoor cats 

Dream job: National Geographic Scientist, Travel enthusiast that makes lifestyle videos

Favorite Emoji: Squinty blushing face with a subtle kiss   

Star sign: Aquarius 

If he were given a one-minute ad slot during the Super Bowl that he couldn’t sell, he would fill it with… I would fill the ad with a well put together video showing off my clothing designs. On a remote beach in the Caribbean with a stuntman parachuting down from a plain wearing the gear, while someone in the background surfed by two guys jet skiing. 

Last text he sent to his mom: “I’ll give you a FaceTime then, miss you and love you.”