Ways to Take a Break From Social Media

Social media has become an effortless form of passing time. We scroll through Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook while we wait in line, eat at the dining hall, or walk around campus. Social media has its perks; but, while sitting in a crowded room full of people (whether we know them or not) and our eyes are glued to our screens, we remain physically present, but become mentally and emotionally absent. While it is nearly impossible to go completely off the grid, it is possible and quite necessary to take breaks from what may already be or become an obsession. Here are some ways to break or prevent one of the biggest obsessions of our generation.

Read a Book.

Although it is difficult to find time to read a book that isn’t required by your professors, if you find the right book, your break from social media will be much easier. You might even learn a thing or two, or even discover a new favorite book. If reading a book takes too much time, try listening to an audiobook. It’s difficult to pay attention to an audiobook if you’re scrolling through Instagram or watching Snapchat stories.

Listen to Podcasts.

Listening to podcasts has recently become one of my favorite ways to take a temporary break from social media. I am a regular listener of Don’t Blame Me by Meghan Rienks whose fame originated on YouTube. People call or send in voice memos in search of advice, to which she delivers her best, honest advice while still maintaining a positive vibe. There is a wide variety of Podcasts you can listen to that also discuss this topic of “breaking up with social media”.

Shop Your Own Wardrobe

With stores bombarding us with advertisements about their Black Friday and Cyber Monday “deals," we are tempted to get ideas on what to buy from social media platforms other than their own website which only results in endless scrolling on people's feeds and timelines. If you already have a closet full of clothes, save your money, and make up some cute outfits with what you already have!

Play an Instrument (or Learn the Basics)

As an artist myself, I find that playing the guitar is my muse and helps me de-stress while sometimes social media can spike my anxiety or reduce my self-confidence (even though I don’t follow celebrities or models). I find that playing an instrument and playing the notes from my current favorite song or artist helps me live in the moment more than Social Media does.