Tips & Tricks For First-Years

Now that I have made it through my freshman year of college, I have learned a lot. More specifically, I am now more well-informed about how to properly utilize one’s limited dorm room space and how to properly occupy one’s time. Although some of the alterations I have implemented this year are very simple, they have proved to be extremely beneficial and I think that a lot of other people would profit from these changes as well!

  1. Storage

  • Last year while living in Whitman, I really struggled with storage and making space for my stuff. That being said, I definitely realized that I brought an excessive amount of things that I did not need. In order to solve this dilemma, I decided to get storage bins to place under my bed and hold miscellaneous products, such as extra pharmacy and hair products, laundry necessities, socks, underwear, and bras, pajamas, etc. I really needed the extra space because I am a huge clothes and shopping freak. These storage bins have truly changed my life and make me feel like my area is so much neater and put together. If you are struggling with keeping everything organized in your dorm room, I highly recommend investing in these stacking bins, which I purchased at Walmart in their white wicker model.  

  1. Showering

  • I was always envious of my friends who used towel wraps and towel turbans last year as opposed to ordinary bath towels. This was probably one of my highest priorities on my back-to-school list. I found my towel wrap and pack of towel turbans at my local Target and made sure to select the cutest patterns available. These products have made my shower experience so much more easy and enjoyable. After I emerge from the shower all squeaky clean, I never have to worry about my towel falling down while hanging out or doing my makeup. I also don’t have to deal with the enormous weight of a large bath towel on my head. I could rave about these products for days, so if you are like me and are late to the trend, go get a towel wrap and a towel turban for yourself! Another thing that I learned from my college showering experience is to avoid bringing random products and stick to the essentials. If you bring more than you can use, things will get cluttered fast and unnecessary space will be occupied that you could use for something more useful.

3) Homework

  • I have learned that it is best to separate your time spent in your room to your time dedicated to academics. For me, it is very important to complete my work in places such as the library or Student Center in order to make my room a place of relaxation. Last year, I used to do a lot of my work in bed, but have realized that this makes it difficult to differentiate studying time and time that should be used to sleep and rest. Thus, I recommend that students do their best to complete their work before going back to their rooms in order to ensure that their dorms are stress free areas dedicated to leisure. I also learned that it is important to not let work wait until last minute and to do your best to complete assignments in intervals. It is common for professors to assign projects or exams very far in advance, and it is extremely beneficial to start thinking about these responsibilities as soon as they are given. Although I consider myself a last-minute person, this mindset frequently got me into trouble last year and is something that I am really trying to work on this semester. Moral of the story, avoid procrastination and be on top of things! You can do it!

Although these tips are really quite simple and basic, I believe that they are important in surviving your first year. I hope that my advice will be as beneficial to you as it was for me!