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Tips for a Great Dorm Room Closet

Dorm room closets are difficult. Not only can they be tiny, they can be hard to organize as well! Here are a few tips to help you take control and be creative about utilizing additional small spaces in your room to help making getting ready easier.

Use mirrors to their full potential

Mirrors are not only helpful while your getting ready for any occasion, they also create an illusion that there is more space in your room than there really is!  

 Don’t forget about your lighting!

Having good lighting in your room is crucial. Some dorm rooms can have very bright artificial lighting while others can be very dimly lit. Adding lamps in the corners of your room, on a bureau, and on your desk can help warm up the room and will aid in your getting ready routine! Amazon and other online retailers also sell small, disc-shaped lights that are motion-censored and stick onto any surface; perfect for a small dorm room closet!

Check them out here: https://www.amazon.com/AMIR-Wireless-Control-Lighting-Operated/dp/B074SJVVP1/ref=pd_sim_201_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B074SJVVP1&pd_rd_r=PDTZEBEP7B0HHKKJ6SKN&pd_rd_w=aJAqL&pd_rd_wg=OzSfj&psc=1&refRID=PDTZEBEP7B0HHKKJ6SKN


Try thin, matching hangers

Having thin hangers will help maximize your use of the small space you have. Most thin hangers are also non-slip, which will help your closet stay neat and clean even when you are in a rush to put your clothes away. Making sure all your hangers match will also be visually appealing each time you go to open your closet and get dressed!

Need some inspiration?: https://www.amazon.com/Premium-Velvet-Hangers-Heavy-duty/dp/B00NMTUBF0/ref=sr_1_4?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1505754773&sr=1-4&keywords=thin+hangers+no+slip


Organize with bins or buckets 

Keeping bins or buckets within the appropriate sections of your closet will help separate different types of items and hide things that don’t necessarily look great while folded (think: bathing suits, scarves, etc.).

Utilize the space under your bed for storing bulky or off season items

Bins aren’t only helpful in your closet itself! Using them underneath your bed offers a great storage solution and use of limited space. Bulky items, such as extra sheets, thicker comforter/blanket, rain gear, and sweatshirts or sweaters are great items to keep underneath your bed. Just make sure you know what is under there and how it is stored so you can access what you need easily. Also make sure to vacuum or dust under there as needed and keep lids on everything to avoid heat, moisture, or bugs (gross but it happens!) from damaging your things.

Hang command hooks inside your closet!

Try placing hooks on the inside of your closet on the door or walls, as well as on the back of the door to your room, will help keep things like hats, towels, bathrobes, and laundry bags out of the way when not in use but handy for when you need them.

Fold everything that is foldable

Sweaters, sweatshirts, workout gear, and delicate items don’t need to take up hanging space (and often should not be hung!). Everyone hates it when one of their favorite knit sweaters gets the weird shoulder creases from being on a hanger, so make sure that you fold or roll each of these items and store them in a bin or in a drawer.

Separate shoes by category

Try keeping similar types of shoes together to make getting ready quicker and easier! 

Keep everything visible!

Being able to see everything you own will allow you to identify what you do have, which will help you know what you need (or don’t need more of) the next time you go online shopping! It will also make it easier to choose an outfit in the morning when you can see all of your options. 

Decorate with wallpaper, stickers, or cutouts

Perk up your plain closet doors and walls with pictures of friends, school pride stickers, inspirational quotes, or even cutouts from magazines of clothes or outfits you like. This will not only act as another space in your room for you to make your own, but will also boost your mood when you get up and have to get dressed for that early class.

Leave stuff at home!

You don’t need to bring absolutely everything you have in your closet at home with you to college. Unloading unnecessary things on move-in day and on school breaks is miserable! Try waiting until a fall break to pack up all of your winter jackets and boots and be sure to trade them out with your shorts and sandals.

Happy organizing, and remember that a clean space is a happy space!

(Photos: Pinterest, Colby Hoffman, The Building Nashville)


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