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Three Girls, Three Adventures: Mid-Semester Break

A four day weekend is the perfect chance to take a break from schoolwork and escape Canton to rejuvenate. Here is a glimpse inside the adventures that some of our SLU students embarked on this long weekend during our mid-semester break!

Tessa Gallagher, a sophomore from Westchester, NY who is majoring in Sociology, visited Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. When I asked about her destination, she shared "I went because my family moved down there the weekend after I left to come back to SLU at the beginning of this school year, so although Westchester is always going be my hometown, Florida is my new home which is pretty cool. Her most memorable moment was when "a lot of my family already lived down there, and we were all together to celebrate my grandmother's 85th birthday, which was really awesome."

Annika Hamilton, a junior from Greenland, NH who is majoring in Biology, visited the Chic Choc mountains in Parc National de la Gaspesie in Canada. When asked about her destination, Annika shared "I am taking Guide Training with the Outdoor Program this semester, so a group of us went to backcountry ski and practice our guiding technical and leadership skills." Her most memorable moment was "skinning up to the hut at Mont Albert and having a 360 degree view of the incredible mountains all around us!"

Lexi Oskam, a sophomore from Ridgefield, Connecticut who is majoring in English, visited Manchester, Vermont. She shared that "my grandmother lives there, so my family came from Connecticut and met me there. My dad and I went skiing at Bromley mountain in Peru, Vermont. My favorite activity is skiing so any chance I can get, I take it. Bromley is where I have been skiing since I was four years old too, so it was great to get back there. Making new memories on the same mountain is an amazing experience." She shares that her most memorable moment was when she "skied for the first time by myself. There was no one on the mountain that day as well. To just enjoy nature and spend a little 'me' time in the process was awesome."

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