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Things To Do Before You Leave SLU’s Campus

Written by Ali Knowles ’21

1. Go for a run or walk on the trails around campus. If you need to clear your head and step away from the stress of studying for finals, going for a run on the Saddlemire or Kip trail is the perfect solution!


2. Make one more new friend. It is never too late to keep meeting new people, and the end of the year is the perfect time to make a new connection with someone new!


3. Go for a hike. Whether it includes going on an overnight backpacking trip with the Outing Club or driving to Azure or Arab for the day, getting out into nature and enjoying the beauty of the North Country is the perfect way to end the year.


4. Sit at the picnic tables or the Adirondack chairs on the Java Quad. There is nothing better than finishing class at the end of the day and going to meet your friends to lay out in the sun after the cold, dark weather that we tend to have here during our winters at SLU.


5. Finish strong academically. It can be easy to get caught up in the warm weather and let yourself slip into a pattern of letting work go unfinished, however, you’ve worked hard this whole semester and it will be so rewarding to feel good going into exams.


6. Rent green bikes from Madill Science Library with a friend and go to the river. It is so simple to do, and spending the afternoon at the river can be a good way to get away from campus without having to go far at all!


7. Set up your hammock (or borrow one from a friend) and take an afternoon nap. There are always people enjoying the nice weather in their hammocks, and it is the perfect way to get outside when you are too worn out from work to do another outdoor activity.


8. Go to Lampson Falls. Although it is a bit of a lengthy drive, the beauty of Lampson Falls makes it an essential place to visit during your time at SLU. Whether you go swimming, or just enjoy the natural environment, this is the perfect place to go for the afternoon.


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