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Written by Julia DellaRusso ('21)

I am going to be honest. As a freshman, I could not imagine myself being so sad to graduate college. I am probably going to be the first to admit how much I hated college my freshman year. Now, looking back has shocked me because I am so in love with St. Lawrence that it scares me that I have to leave. If you were to see me leaving to go abroad, I bawled my eyes out like I was never going to come back. So, I don’t even want to imagine what I will be like on April 18th when I am done for good from SLU. Coming into SLU as a freshman, I had heard about the alumni network and the St. Lawrence Community. I now know what they mean when it’s hard to understand how if you don’t go here, you won’t know the feeling of walking to class in below zero weather with your best friends or just what to do in a small town 30 minutes south of the Canadian border. 

I guess it will be sentimental for the fact that when I first had a tour of SLU I may or may not have cried a little because at that moment I knew this was my school. 4 years later I am sure I will be a mess the day I have to leave. 

This is the part every St. Lawrence graduate dreads or any college student in that regard. But with all things in life we have to say goodbye. Better yet, I want to say thank you. To not only SLU, but I want to thank my best friends on 19 Judson Street, my teammates, my professors, everyone I have ever met at SLU and Canton NY in general. Last but not least my family. I know the 6-hour drives are the worst but with all the visits you guys have had you now know why I love this place so much and refuse to come home. 

SLU, you will always have a piece of my heart and you will be my home, forever and always.


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