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A Thank You Note to Her Campus Media


As my Senior Spring semester draws to a close, I want to express my gratitude to both former and current members of my beloved Her Campus chapter: St. Law U.


When I was applying to colleges, I noticed multiple colleges listed Her Campus as a Student Organization. I quickly realized how resourceful the articles were and was impressed by how many chapters there were around the world. After settling into the college lifestyle, with the help from various Her Campus articles written by contributing writers from around the world, I built up the courage to join St. Lawrence’s chapter of Her Campus Media. I was encouraged even further when the then-Campus Correspondent (shoutout to Colby, SLU ‘20) reached out to me.


I vividly remember the first Chapter meeting that I attended. Carnegie Hall. Second Floor. I was nervous on my walk there, but when I saw Colby, I felt at ease. Once more people arrived, we created personal profiles, established editorial and social media schedules and ideas, brainstormed event ideas, discussed Chapter swag, and so much more.


As a First Year, I was incredibly excited that Her Campus would provide a way to be active around campus, meet new people, and make new friends. Yes, Her Campus at St. Law is a magazine, but I quickly realized that you don’t HAVE to be an English major to be a chapter member. If you like Social Media, Marketing, Social Media, Event Planning, or photography, your ideas are valued and appreciated. This organization offers a new medium of expressing yourself, giving you room to write to your heart’s content. Sometimes, there are even themed content weeks to help you brainstorm article ideas if you have writer’s block. Needless to say, there is space for everybody to join. Despite the virtual circumstances of the past year, I’ve still been able to meet new people and cultivate a sense of community with Her Campus Media members. I owe much of my sanity and happiness as a remote Senior to the HCM/HC at St. Law U community. 


With all of that being said…


Thank you, Her Campus Media! I want to give a special shout-out to the Community Team members: Julianne, Emily, and Hailey, and to my fellow interns Julia from HC at UFL and Emalee from HC at Lasell. It was a pleasure being an intern during my Senior Spring and getting to learn from you all.


Thank you, Her Campus at St. Law U (shoutout to the wonderful e-board I worked with – Claudia, Syd, Isabelle, EB, and Beth) for being a place of solace for me and introducing me to such amazing people. I am forever grateful for the opportunities and experiences I’ve had with you all.



Allie Attarian


Allison ("Allie") Attarian studied Psychology and Communications at St. Lawrence University where she was a Campus Correspondent for HC St. Law U. Allie was also a Campus Community Management Intern for the Community Team at Her Campus Media. Her combined passion for creativity, reading, and writing sparked her interest in joining Her Campus. She loves traveling, listening to music, creating visual art, and spending time with friends. Check out her personal blog here.
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