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St. Law U Sunday: Meet Claire Wergin!

Her Campus at St. Law U is so excited to bring to you St. Law U Sundays where we get to introduce our team members to you!

Name: Claire Wergin

Year: 2022

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Majors/Minors/Fields of Interest? Why?: Communication and Psychology, because I want to learn how people interact and learn while being able to pair that with how they communicate through media and other forms of communication.  I want to focus on Social Media and Public Relations because it’s the one industry I’ve always been passionate about so I decided these fields of study would best fit my intended goals!

Horoscope Sign: Scorpio

Favorite Television Show (and why?):

Stranger Things because I love Sci-fi and I love shows and movies that take place in the ‘80s, so this is a perfect combination.  It’s also comedic at times and isn’t too long, because I usually can’t make it through a regular, 22- episode season, TV series.

What sports team(s) do you cheer for? Why?:

Honestly, not a huge sports fan at all besides Tennis, but I guess the Green Bay Packers because that’s my family’s team.

What is your dream job? Why?:

My dream job is to work for Instagram because it’s been such a popular app for years now and just continues to grow in its engagement and resources.  I obviously want to work my way there, but with a huge field interest in Social Media, what better place to work?!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?

On a trip all over Europe, because I’ve been once before and it was one of the best experiences of my life.  One of my goals is to spend at least a year living abroad somewhere!

What social movement(s) are you most passionate about, and why?:

The Black Lives Matter movement and any movement about racial, sexual, or gender injustices are ones I am very passionate about.  Injustice of all kinds is something our country has faced and ignores for decades and must be changed.  Equity for all, no matter the race, gender, sexual orientation, or culture is what must be adopted.  Violence and hatred towards minority groups must end, and everyone must do their part to spread awareness and help make a change.

Why did you choose to attend St. Lawrence?

It was a very spur of the moment decision for me.  My mom went to SLU so I had always wanted to do something different than her, which originally steered me away from it.  Over time though, something made me realize that SLU might be perfect for me and I decide to commit.  Best decision I’ve ever made and I wouldn’t want to be attending school anywhere else!

Favorite On-Campus Meal (indicate dining place)? Why?:

Paninis and chicken noodle soup from Johnson’s Grab and Go.

Favorite Off-Campus Restaurant/Eatery (and why?):

Jake’s because the food is literally always good no matter what you get, and the location and scenery are beautiful, and it’s one of the nicer restaurants off-campus.

What is on your must-have college packing list as a Laurentian/as a St. Lawrence student? Why?:

Two warm puffers for winter, a bunch of fun themed clothing for events & SLU gear.

Where is your favorite place to study on campus? Why?:

In a room in ODY, preferably always one with windows so I don’t feel closed in, but not close distractions. I get my work best done here!

What is on your St. Lawrence bucket list (to-do before you graduate)? Why/who gave you this idea?:

Spend more time outdoors! Whether that’s at Lampson falls, the Grasse River, or going on hikes in nearby towns like Tupper Lake or Lake Placid.  The option of being there this coming summer for school definitely sparked this idea because it will be warm for a majority of the time I’m there!

Why did you join Her Campus at St. Law U? What are you looking forward to with HC St. Law U?:

I joined Her Campus because I heard about it from a lot of friends and saw that a bunch of women I like/look up to were a part of it!  I’m looking forward to come together as women to spread the word and express ourselves to the outside community!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?:

I’ve learned to love being alone and find company in myself running errands or getting work done, but I also love to spend quality time with friends and just learn what’s going on in their recent lives.  I also love to dance, play tennis, and bake.


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Allison ("Allie") Attarian studied Psychology and Communications at St. Lawrence University where she was a Campus Correspondent for HC St. Law U. Allie was also a Campus Community Management Intern for the Community Team at Her Campus Media. Her combined passion for creativity, reading, and writing sparked her interest in joining Her Campus. She loves traveling, listening to music, creating visual art, and spending time with friends. Check out her personal blog here.
Claire Wergin

St Law U '22

Hi! My name is Claire Wergin, a proud member of HC at St Law U! I'm studying Communications and Psychology with a focus and intended career in Social Media/Public Relations. Some of my favorite things to do outside of the classroom are spending time with family & friends, baking, traveling, and exercising!
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