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St. Law U Sunday: Meet Ava McCann

Name: Ava McCann


Year: 2022 (Junior)


Hometown: Binghamton, NY


Majors/Minors/Fields of Interest? Why?:

English Major, Economics Minor


Horoscope Sign:



Favorite Television Show (and why?):

My favorite TV show is A Place to Call Home. It is an Australian series that takes place in the 1950s; I watched this series with my family this past summer, and the plot and character development are excellent.


What sports team(s) do you cheer for? Why?:

The Buffalo Bills because my dad is a huge fan!


What is your dream job? Why?:

My dream job would be to be a leading writer/editor for a world-renowned magazine based in Monaco.


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?:

I have been to 12 different countries: Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, France, Monaco, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, and Canada. I would love to go to Iceland because one of my teammates lives there, and Greece because the scenery looks so beautiful!


What social movement(s) are you most passionate about, and why?:

I am most passionate about the Women's Rights movement as a female athlete.


Why did you choose to attend St. Lawrence?:

I chose to attend St. Lawrence not only because I was recruited to play basketball, but because the campus is small and picturesque.


Favorite On-Campus Meal? Why?:

My favorite campus meal is taco day at Dana!


Favorite Off-Campus Restaurant/Eatery (and why?):

My favorite off-campus restaurant is 1844 House because the atmosphere is quaint and the food is delicious!


What is on your must-have college packing list as a Laurentian/as a St. Lawrence student? Why?:

A picnic blanket for the warm months to enjoy the breath-taking scenery of campus and a warm winter coat for the winter!


Where is your favorite place to study on campus? Why?:

My favorite place to study is actually my dorm room because I have set it up just the way I like it. My favorite building on campus is Herring-Cole because of the gorgeous stained glass window and wood beam ceiling.


What is on your St. Lawrence bucket list (to-do before you graduate)? Why/who gave you this idea?:

It is on my bucket list to win a Liberty League basketball championship!


Why did you join Her Campus at St. Law U? What are you looking forward to with HC St. Law U?:

I joined Her Campus at St. Law U because I am passionate about writing and enjoy collaborating with other women about topics such as beauty, style, wellness, lifestyle, and athletics. I look forward to being a part of this magazine and sharing my ideas with other women.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?:

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, and traveling!


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Allison ("Allie") Attarian studied Psychology and Communications at St. Lawrence University where she was a Campus Correspondent for HC St. Law U. Allie was also a Campus Community Management Intern for the Community Team at Her Campus Media. Her combined passion for creativity, reading, and writing sparked her interest in joining Her Campus. She loves traveling, listening to music, creating visual art, and spending time with friends. Check out her personal blog here.
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