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This semester has been hard for many people, including myself. Our campus is in a weird year with weird rules and not nearly as many people are walking around. We are missing almost half of our student body and many of our faculty have been home, keeping themselves (and us) safe. We have had more cases this semester, which has thrown many people to quarantine at home or in Kirk Douglas.


 As the spring semester is coming to a close, and the days are warm and bright, the warm temperature seems to add a little pip in everyone's step as the large down coats and heavy boots get pushed further under our beds. Although as St. Lawrence students, we all know we will have some more cold days, so we cherish these fifty and above days as important to brighten our mental health. 


There are so many ways for us to get outside in the beautiful area that we live in for most of the year. I understand it is hard to snap out of that seasonal change, coming from dark, cold, and snowy days of the North Country. I have been so excited by how many people I have seen taking such advantage of these last few days. The Quad is an awesome place to soak in the rays as you do some homework or begin to study for those pesky final exams coming in hot. I find that opening my window all the way adds beautiful and clean air to my space which lightens me and my workload simultaneously. As soon as it gets warmer out, my roommate and I strap on our sneakers and hit the many trails that surround campus; often we go on the Saddlemire Trail which goes along the golf course and passes the immaculate horses in the Riding team’s pens. We also have a small loop in town across from Willow Island Park, which is also full of cool statues. 


Getting outside and in the sun is going to help melt away those hardships that come with the long winters of Canton. I have also loved seeing all the people getting right into biking and even rollerblading! All of these activities are super easy and are a great way to take a break and get out with some friends as we can enjoy the next three weeks on campus!

Katie Reid

St Law U '22

My name is Katie and I am a junior at St. Lawrence University! I am a Business and Environmental Studies double major with a minor in Economics and I am obsessed with my dog Tiller. I am a huge skier and raced for a good part of my life, I also love to hike and watch a ton of Netflix! I have a loud personality and am happiest with snow on the ground and iced coffee in hand!
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