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Maybe it’s not a popular opinion, but we personally love to have music playing during our showers. It can make your shower feel shorter and much less boring. We’ve compiled some of our favorite songs we play while showering, hope you enjoy them too!

Can’t Say and Sicko Mode by Travis Scott

We are BIG fans of Travis Scott so any song by him won’t disappoint. ASTROTHUNDER is our favorite album at the moment, but we find these two songs to be the best during a shower.

The Middle by Zedd

Better Not by Louis the Child

Last to Leave by Louis the Child

I Wanna Know

These are all great upbeat songs to sing to! They all can really boost your mood with their chorus and beat drops.

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing by Leo Sayer
Although this one is on the older side, we both thought it to be a necessary addition. Leo Sayer’s high voice accompanied by the groovy tune will certainly put you in a good mood!

Paper Planes – M.I.A.

This is a classic song that everyone knows the words to which makes it easy to sing along to. And don’t worry, no one can hear your bad singing with the water running!

Waves by Kanye West

Who doesn’t like Kanye’s music? He has lots of great songs for any mood but this one definitely will get you excited.

Never Be Like You – by Flume

This is a more techno based pump up song that’ll change up the vibe a bit, but still keep you going.

Patty Cake – by Kodak Black

Kodak Black’s music isn’t always a vibe but this song’s fun beat keeps you energetic for your shower.

Hopefully you find the time to take a long shower and listen to a few of these songs, we certainly do!!

I’m Daphne Stanton and I’m a sophomore at St. Lawrence.
Kelly Morrison

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Hi my name is Kelly and I am and student at St. Lawrence University!
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