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Six Productive Outlets for Stress

Exercise – Getting active is a great way to relieve stress. Giving your mind a break is important, especially in college. Exercise is the perfect outlet that also allows you to feel productive and healthy!

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Journaling – It’s not for everyone, but writing can be therapeutic as well as fun! Journaling presents an opportunity to debrief and reflect on your day or week while also giving you a feeling of productivity.

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Read a book – Read a book, or a magazine, or anything in printed form for that matter. While the internet is great, we often times get distracted from whatever it is we intended to do. Reading is an outlet that also allows us to learn something new or simply be entertained without any stressful distractions!

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Volunteer – Service work is a great way to forget about stress and focus on the needs of others. By volunteering we are able to be actively productive while also giving ourselves a break from everything that may be going on in your personal life. Nothing is more gratifying than the feeling of knowing you have truly helped make someone else’s life a little bit better. If you’re looking for something local, try SLU Buddies or Reading Buddies!


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Clean or Organize – Whether it’s cleaning your room or organizing your planner, cleaning and organizing will help you feel productive and on top of everything it is that you have to accomplish.

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Have a cup of tea – College can be overwhelming. Don’t beat yourself up for being stressed! Reminding yourself that you also need to take care of your well-being is important, and having a cup of tea is the perfect way to take a deep breath, sit back and take a break!


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