Secrets For What To Order at The Bagelry

One of my favorite pastimes here at SLU is venturing to the infamous Bagelry every Saturday morning (realistically Sunday morning too if Dana brunch doesn’t sound enticing enough) with my friends and chatting over our delicious iced coffees and extravagant bagel sandwiches. If you have never traveled to The Bagelry, you must! Not only is their venue aesthetically pleasing with its rustic, modern vibes, but their extensive menu is incredible. With options ranging from sweet to savory to meat to vegetarian, The Bagelry has the perfect bagel for everyone! Although I have not tried all of the choices that The Bagelry has to offer, I do have a few favorites that I recommend everyone try.

My first and favorite choice that I order at The Bagelry is definitely The Century. Although you can choose what type of bagel you want your sandwich to be on, I always ask for a plain bagel (pretty boring, I know). The Century’s layers of turkey, tomato, pesto, and melted cheese continually persuade me to purchase it every time. A similar option, The Charleston, is another one of my favorites. Instead of turkey, this option is replaced by a fried egg.


If you want to try something a little more out there, I recommend getting the Buffalo bagel sandwich which has buffalo chicken completely covered in melted cheese. As a strong advocate of anything buffalo flavored, I absolutely adore this bagel. I also highly recommend The Garden Melt, especially for vegetarians. This bagel is loaded with different types of veggies, including tomato, pepper, etc, and is once again covered in an intense layer of melted cheese. In my opinion, it is essential to pair your favorite bagel with coffee. The Bagelry has amazing coffee that I constantly crave. My favorites include their iced vanilla latte, their iced mocha, and their iced caramel macchiato. Although I have the rest of the menu to explore, thus far, these are my most frequently purchased items and suggest that everyone try them!

(Photos: Yelp, @parkbroscoffe, Mia Pasley)