Secret Santa Gift Idea

It’s that time of the year for Secret Santa! I don’t know about you guys but I love gift giving. Although, sometimes it can be hard to come up with some cute gifts that fit in a college students budget. It can be especially hard looking for different gift ideas for siblings, parents or friends. I’m hoping that these five cute gifts will help you out!

1. A cute holiday mug with a hot chocolate mix and some peppermint sticks. This gift is great for anyone who wants to cozy up by the fire during the holidays.

2. A cookie or brownie mix filled inside a mason jar is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to bake. Put some cute directions on a note card and you're all set!

3. A homemade bath bomb or face masks paired with a candle is perfect for anyone who loves to relax. I personally enjoy one made out of lemon and honey for glowing skin.

4. FUZZY STUFF! Anything fuzzy is always a bonus. Fuzzy gifts can range from something super inexpensive such as socks to something a little more expensive like mittens. 5. Something super quick and easy for a gift for a younger sibling or cousin is a snowmen kit. Throw together some buttons, a large carrot for the nose, and a black hat for the top!