Rules of the Rink

Rules of the Rink

It’s that time of year again! Nothing is better in the winter than going from the cold outdoors to the slightly-less-cold indoors of an ice hockey rink. Get ready to bundle up and cheer on your fellow Saints, because Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey are back at Appleton Arena!

Stand up:

Even if the student section starts off the game sitting down, it won’t last long. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes, because you will only get to sit down between periods. Don’t worry though, the atmosphere of all the excited students makes the standing worth it!

Learn the chants:

If you’re worried about not knowing all of the chants, after one game you will realize that they aren’t too hard to remember. It goes even further than just yelling “sieve” at the opposing goalie after we score a goal. You will always hear “nuts and bolts” when one of our players get a penalty; a fan favorite is the whole student section singing “When the Saints Go Marching In” after a goal is scored by our very own Skating Saints.

Don’t be scared of the buzzer:

It may be loud the first time you hear the siren go off, however, we assure you that after going to a couple games, you won’t have to plug your ears anymore. The student section is usually so loud after a goal that you can only hear your friends cheering anyway!

Hang on a second:

We all know that you want to get back to your seat as quick as possible after a bathroom break, but sometimes waiting is best! The Sweater Girls are always there to assist you, but please don’t walk down to find a seat until the play has stopped. It’s not very fun having someone get a little too close to you trying to shuffle through the tight aisles to get back to their seat while you are trying to watch the game. Chances are, the sweater girls are someone you know, so stop and say hi while you wait. It will help them do their job properly too!  

Put away your phone:

Not to say you shouldn’t grab your phone to take a quick Snapchat to send to your friend who goes to the opposing team’s school, but don’t waste your time looking down at a screen all night. The atmosphere at SLU hockey games is something you can’t find anywhere else, so embrace it!

Have fun!

Hockey is a huge part of the culture here at SLU, and for good reason. So throw on your favorite jacket and some wooly socks and get out to Appleton to cheer on your men and women hockey teams!