Quick Tips For When You Wake Up Late

While we all love to pretend that we have ourselves together all of the time, it’s pretty unrealistic that an entire semester will slip away without having a couple (or for those to hate to admit, more than a few) mornings when we sleep past our alarm and the panic button gets hit before the day has barely started. Here are a few tips that will help you out during those “oh crap” moments rushing to a morning class with five minutes to spare.

1.     Know a few go-to outfits 

Have a few easy, simple outfits on hand (including comfy shoes to run in). In addition, it will be helpful for you to learn how to rock a baseball hat or a messy bun when you have to roll out of bed and out the door with unwashed hair.


(Billie Rose Blog & Three Bird Nest Online Boutique)

2.    Do a little prep the night before

 Put your laptop and any relevant class materials into your bag the night before to avoid getting to class quickly but without everything that you need.

3.    Know how to abbreviate your normal beauty routine

Master the shorthand version of your daily makeup routine. Keep a few essentials handy in your backpack for quick application!


4.    Leave your bed as is

Skip making your bed—but make it when you come back after class. A made bed will contribute to a clean room, even after a crazy morning.


5.     Grab something quick to eat

Skip real breakfast (for now), but make sure to keep a protein bar in your bag at all times for instances like these.


6.     Don't make it a habit!

Lastly, try not to have it happen tomorrow. Oversleeping for class should not be a habit, and if it is one for you, focus on making these small changes to insure that you wake up with ease and are ready for the day that awaits you! HCXO.