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I turned to the beautiful nature of podcasts in the midst of the Pandemic when Netflix could no longer satisfy my every day, and music grew monotonous. I present to you two of my favorites, with six varying episodes that should work to pass six whole quarantine hours - we all know how those tend to inch by. These podcasts speak to empowered women, tackle problematic societal normalities, and allow the listener to engage in powerful self-reflection. 


I highly recommend heading off into the woods, along a sandy beach, or finding a peaceful bike path all to yourself; then let the conversations guide your journey.   


Real Pod with Victoria Garrick

As a former athlete myself, this woman blows my mind. She is real, raw, honest, and dives into deep issues that many athletes struggle with. Victoria Garrick played D1 volleyball at USC and uses her previous experiences to share with the world topics ranging from body-image advocacy to learning positivity. With episodes that come out each Wednesday, her attitude brings me strength, and her curiosity motivates my own explorations of self-love.  


  1. The Science of Gratitude & Human Potential w/ Dr. Glenn Fox

Glenn Fox is a neuroscientist who studies human performance and the brain. This conversation opened my eyes to the direct problem of self negativity on the brain. It’s true, folks, positive mindsets lead to stronger athletic performances. Why waste another second criticizing yourself when it's scientifically proven to decrease your abilities? 


  1. Female Athlete Struggles - Body-Image, comparison & Anxiety 

Victoria Garrick chats with Alanna Locast, a former D1 soccer athlete who created the website Soccer Grl Probs towards the end of her collegiate career as a platform to connect soccer players with each other. Without spoiling too much, this episode launches into the challenge of finding perfect fitting jeans as an athlete and makes you wonder why we spend far too many hours comparing ourselves to the models who clutter our insta-feed. 


  1. Body Positivity, Chronic Illness & Health At Every Size with Life Coach Michelle Elman 

Society's definition of beautiful comes out and tests your emotions in this episode. Life Coach Michelle Elman pulls at the heartstrings when she reveals what it took for her to appreciate her body. May I bring to your attention that these beauty notions originated from the ancient Greeks thousands of years ago? Time for a revamp. 


The goop Podcast

Major bravo to Gwenelth Paltrow for this creation; but, especially to the primary host Elise Loehnen, who has conversations with the most fascinating individuals. Basically, she has my dream job. Her voice is soothing, and she never fails to get me thinking. 


  1. Normalizing the Need to Rest and Retreat

This episode is quarantine in a nutshell. Before the Q, I didn't know how to rest, take a breath or relax. Oh, how I have learned to do better, and what a wonderful thing it is! Elise and Katherine Mays discuss her newest book, “Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times,” and so much of their words resonated with me. Listen closely to the segments about respecting our pain and allowing ourselves to feel. Surrounded by a world addicted to productivity, this is just the podcast to help let go of some control. 


  1. Why Being Brave Means Letting Go of Being Nice

Everyone should give this one a listen. Writer Austin Channing Brown explains the importance of bravery over niceties. As I walked around my small hometown while eagerly listening, I felt an intense amount of vitality. I realized that letting go of the ‘nice act’ would lead me closer to becoming a more effective friend. I learned how to advocate for myself and stop being a bystander.


  1. When You Quit Being Good

Glennon Doyle preaches again and again on how to be our most authentic selves. With the combination of this podcast and having just completed Doyle’s best-seller “Untamed,” I felt ready to attack the world with my wildest ambitions. Doyle says that women are essentially born into cages. What happens when we step out of line and decide to stop abandoning ourselves? This podcast episode is grade-A, and a “must-listen”, especially on a down-in-the-dumps kind of day. 


Whether you listen to one or all of these podcast episodes, I urge you to open your hearts, step outside of your comfort zone and hear what these powerful women have to say as they ruminate over the fact that one day women will change the world (even though they already have been since the beginning of time).


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Ashley Walker

St Law U '22

Hi guys!! My name is Ashley Walker and I am a junior at St. Lawrence University, in Tri-Delta and the secretary of the Women and Business Club. I live just outside of Boston and love anything to do with dark chocolate, coffee and the great outdoors - hiking, running, blading.
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