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Places to Stop on your Way Home

Places to stop on your drive home:

With Thanksgiving break on the horizon, and Christmas break only about a month away, for many of us, that means a long trek home. Here’s a list of a few places to make a quick pit stop that may make your drive the slightest bit more enjoyable, for all different routes!

EAST- (Malone, Saranac Lake, Burlington)

Bokies Drive-in- Here’s a good spot to stop for a quick ol’ fashioned diner meal! Located in Malone, NY, (about an hour east of campus), it’s a great place to take a quick break, scarf down some onion rings, a hot dog, and enjoy the nice 60’s themed decor.


Left Bank Cafe- If you’re looking for a cozy and rustic sit down meal, this is your place! In the scenic town of Saranac Lake and it’s the perfect stop that offers tasty desserts, crepes, creme brulee, and more.


Church Street Marketplace-  It’s hard to just choose one place in Burlington; there’s so many fantastic options! Church Street Marketplace offers such a variety: Boo-kies is a small, super easy, and quick grab-n-go burger, hot dog, philly cheese steak, and more. Another fab find is Top of the Block sandwich shop, which offers easy wraps, salads, and sandwiches, all great options to accompany you for the rest of your car ride. And even if you’re not hungry, stop by and just enjoy the scenery and hustle and bustle of Church Street itself.

SOUTH- (Tupper lake, Saratoga, Albany)

Washboard Donut Shop and Laundromat- I know, you’d never expect it, a donut shop inside a laundromat. This is a must-see place with amazing homemade donuts, made daily by the owner of the Laundromat herself! A quick, easy, and interesting stop, this is something your other friends will definitely not experience.

Scallions- One of the several great places to stop in Saratoga Springs, NY. This is a casual dining place with healthy food and a cozy environment. It’s  a great place to stop once you’ve made the long trek through the Adirondacks back to civilization. (Also- lots of vegetarian options!)



Chipotle, Five Guys, Roberto’s Pizzeria- Although we love being in the NoCo, once we get back to an urban area, the go-to fast food places never tasted so good! In Albany, you can find crowd favorites like Chipotle, Five guys, and delicious pizzerias, super quick and easy when you’re reaching the home stretch of your drive!

WEST- (Gouverner, Watertown, Syracuse)

Jumbo’s Diner- This is an awesome little diner just about an hour south west of campus, a great place to stop and grab a quick bite to eat. They offer awesome diner food 24/7, along with chilli dogs, hot dogs, and more!

The Apollo Restaurant- A quick, easy, and tasty stop over in Watertown, NY. Here’s a great place to grab some quality italian food,  salads, wraps, and any dessert to take on your road trip!

Darwin Cafe- An awesome hole-in-the-wall you can find in downtown Syracuse! Here, you can grab some  awesome wraps, pastries, and more. All super easy and will help you survive the rest of your drive.

We hope your drive home is a little more enjoyable


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