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The Perfect Study Space According to Your Zodiac Sign

With finals week approaching fast, you may be looking for some new study spaces that will help you get those perfect scores that we’re all hoping for. What better way to explore new study ideas for this semester than through your zodiac sign! Be sure to check out your moon and rising signs in addition to your sun sign for the optimal study session for your chart. 


As an Aries, you’re all about determination and leadership. Even among the other fire signs, you have a certain sense of charisma that cannot be recreated. This is why you should lead a study session of your own! Take it upon yourself to create the questions, notes, and flashcards and get together with your fellow students in the student center or library. By becoming the teacher, so to speak, you will realize just how much you know and it will give you all the confidence you need going into finals.


As a Taurus, you’re all about comfort and the beauty of material objects. For this reason, it would be wise to invest in a nice, warm study blanket and pillow (in the most calming and beautiful color you can find) that you can cuddle up on the couch with to review your notes. 


As a Gemini, you are a people person and you thrive on social interaction. Therefore, the perfect study space for you is within a study group with friends in which you can take occasional breaks to talk and hang out. A library is a perfect place for you — just make sure you aren’t on the quiet floor. If the weather permits it, consider bringing the group outside.


As a Cancer, you are family-oriented and love the comfort you feel from familiar spaces. For this reason, the perfect space for you to study is at home. Consider maybe even playing some calming, comforting music softly in the background to ease any tension you may have surrounding the upcoming exams. 


As a Leo, you love to be the center of attention — and for good reason! You have a fun and bright personality like the sun, so the perfect study space for you is outside in its rays. You can grab a seat at the beach, a park, or even a chair outside of a café. Just make sure to surround yourself with people because you thrive on the energy you get from them. 


As a Virgo, you are quite the perfectionist. You should consider going to office hours once for every class. Then make your way over to the library (the quiet floor) to be sure you have all the knowledge you need going into your exams. Remember to not be too critical of yourself, though — you will totally ace them. 


As a Libra, you work best when you feel a sense of balance. You also love the aesthetic quality of life. With these two things in mind, partner up with a study date who you feel balances you well and grab a coffee from the nearest (or cutest) café. It’s a perfect opportunity to take photos, make memories and ace your exams. 


As a Scorpio, you live life with a sense of mystery and deep curiosity surrounding your everyday existence. You like to get straight to the point and the essence of life and what you are learning. As a water sign, you should take a seat by a pond or river to study so that you can contemplate your existence and emotions on breaks, but entertain no other distractions (friends, music, etc). 


As a Sagittarius, you love to travel and experience new things. This is why you should take a mini-study “road trip”. Spend an hour or two at the beach and then head over to the park or library. You can even change spaces within the library. As long as you are switching up your study spaces and “traveling” to new destinations, you will be sure to do well on your exams.


As a Capricorn, you are hard-working and goal-oriented. You will not stop until you achieve your dreams. For you, the best space to work is one in which you find inspiration for the future. Add elements to your space that remind you of where you are going and what you hope to accomplish. You can even create a dream board of the life you want and hang it over your desk, knowing that the next step in creating that life is to ace these exams. 



As an Aquarius, you are creative and always seem to find a unique approach to solving every problem. This creativity is what drives both your passions and work ethic. To get the most out of your study sessions, you should surround yourself with your own creative work. For example, if you’re a painter, set your desk up near your best painting. Your strength is in your individuality and by reminding yourself of your talents, you will build the confidence you need going into your exams. 


As a Pisces, you bring a certain dream-like quality with you everywhere you go and elicit that same quality from the world around you. As a water sign, you should consider studying at the beach and taking frequent pauses to drink in the beauty around you. Look at and connect with the sky, the sparkling water, the birds, etc. in a grounding exercise and imagine what it would feel like to get perfect scores on all your exams. You have the power to make your dreams a reality!

These are just a few ideas of many that can work for each sign. The most important thing to do is tap into the essence of your sign and see what you are inspired to do from there. You will be sure to find the finals week studying process much more enjoyable! 

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