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Nature’s Storehouse Snack Finds

If you have not yet had the chance to check out Nature’s Storehouse located in downtown Canton, you have to ASAP! Of course, their prepared meals and soups and absolutely fantastic, but since I have spent a lot of time there, I have discovered some of their hidden gems among their snack aisles. I am going to share with you some of my favorites, hopefully inspiring you to pick them up for yourself.


First and foremost, I am obsessed with their dried mango. Now, I know you can purchase dried mango just about anywhere, but I promise you that the Nature’s Storehouse version is superior. I consider myself an expert on dried mangos (I have tried many brands over the years), so you can trust me on that statement. They are sliced perfectly and have the most incredible tangy sweetness. This is definitely my favorite snack to munch on on-the-go. They taste just like fruit roll ups – so yummy! 


I have always been addicted to granola. However, store bought granola can oftentimes have tons of hidden sugars in them that I generally do my best to avoid. At the Nature’s Storehouse, they have several different variations of homemade granola that are sweetened with natural maple syrup as opposed to artificial sweeteners or corn syrup. I prefer the nuttier options, but they have tons of flavors, so if you like your granola any other way they are sure to have it. Similarly, they have various trail mix options too that are to-die-for. 


The Nature’s Storehouse hand-crafted date balls are the perfect sweet treat. These consist of mashed up dates rolled in a layer of dried coconut flakes. This snack sounds super basic, but for some reason they are the best thing ever. They taste just like caramel and serve as the ideal after-dinner dessert. 


I am entirely obsessed with anything involving peanuts, so I naturally gravitated towards these peanut clusters. Basically, these are literally mounds of peanuts coated in vanilla yogurt. They also have a dark chocolate version as well, which I honestly expected to like better, but the yogurt base wins in my book. These are quite addicting (be careful) but I love always having these on-deck when I need to fix my peanut cravings. They sound so simple, but I swear they are one of the best snacks ever!


I am very picky about my hummus, but Nature’s Storehouse does it right. They offer several homemade flavors including plain, lemon, and turmeric. All of these flavors are absolutely delicious and have the best texture ever. I love putting this on top of rice cakes or even just dipping some veggies in in between meals. So good!

Obviously, I have not had the chance to try the whole store, but these are just a few of the things I always make sure to pick up when I am there. There are SO MANY more snacks in the store, so if my favorites don’t match with your taste buds, go discover which ones are right for you! I always have a blast exploring the Nature’s Storehouse and finding new goodies to bring home with me. I highly suggest you do the same and support a local shop! 

Charlotte Barry

St Law U '21

Hi! My name is Charlotte Barry and I am a member of the SLU Her Campus chapter!
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