My Top Spotify Playlists for Studying

I think we can all agree that studying for finals is one of the most mentally and emotionally draining weeks of the semester. There is nothing tougher than grinding in the library (or at home now with online classes) for a week. No need to worry, though, I have found some awesome playlists on Spotify to get you through! 

  1. This playlist is perfect for when you are in the long haul for studying. It has a super upbeat variety of songs that really gets the brain juices flowing!

  2. Spotify describes this playlist as “soft pop hits for the home office." Personally, I listen to this playlist when I have to do readings for class because it consists of calming songs and I usually don’t know any of the lyrics so I am not tempted to sing along!

  3. This playlist was actually made by one of my good friends and I love it! It has a mix of Tik Tok songs, throwbacks, and upbeat tracks. This playlist is perfect for when you have “busy work” to get done or can be used as background music for your own study breakdance party!

  4. I came across this playlist while watching some Youtube videos and I am obsessed! This is the perfect playlist to put on when you are hitting a lull and feel like your brain can’t handle any more studying. It is a perfect way to reset and the title of the playlist is the exact mood achieved by the listener.

  5. This is another playlist when you are preparing for a long night of studying. This playlist consists of 153 songs and can last up to 9 hours and 23 minutes. This is another playlist that I usually play when I am doing readings or when I am organizing materials for classes.

  6. This playlist consists of 76 throwback songs from the 2000s. Spotify describes this as taking a trip down memory lane. There is a mixture of pop songs and chill songs and this is another great sing-along playlist! Have a dance party or celebrate with this playlist when your finals are finally over!

Hope that these playlists will help you get through the daunting week of finals!