Mary Santos: President of ACE

Meet Mary Santos '18, who is the President of ACE here on campus. We asked Mary to share a little more on what their group is all about! 

1. What does ACE stand for, and in general, what does the club do for the St. Lawrence campus?

ACE stands for Association for Campus Entertainment, and it provides different activities and events for students throughout the year. Because SLU is in such a small town, it provides more activities that are similar to what you would see at a school in an urban setting.

2. What is your overall role as President?

As President, I make sure that all the committees run smoothly and I act as the main point of contact for any vendors that we do business with. Overall my largest responsibility is to form all the committees into one cohesive unit that provides entertainment to students.

3. How and why did you get involved in ACE?

I got involved in ACE because during my senior year of high school I was the Head of Student Activities. Being at a boarding school, this was a really fun way to get students on campus engaged in fun things together. I also got to plan my prom! That was something I wanted to continue in college. Also, at first I had trouble finding what I wanted to do at St. Lawrence, so ACE was a good place for me to find my spot in our community.

4. What is your favorite part about being a member of ACE?

My favorite part about being on ACE is being able to go to our shows early. I have been able to meet comedians who are on Saturday Night Live, and I have also been able to go backstage at our concerts to meet the various artists and performers.

5. What are some of the other positions students can hold in ACE?

We have two chair positions for each of the following committees: Pub 56, Special Events, Comedy, Concerts, and Public Relations.

6. Most students associate ACE with Spring Fest and Fall Fest, but are there other things that ACE puts on for the St. Lawrence community throughout the year?

Yes! Everything from Comedy shows, Pub 56 events, movies and shows in the Winston Room, Study-a-Thon, Finals De-Stress, and many more! We also help bring lectures to campus through different academic departments.