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An Introduction to The Study Abroad Programs at SLU

As this semester begins to pick up, many study abroad programs are having their first meetings and information sessions for potential applicants. St. Lawrence University is known for its stellar study abroad opportunities, so here is some information if you want to become part of it too!

All study abroad programs are either SLU programs or partner programs. Here is a little about the SLU programs: “St. Lawrence University operates eight of its own semester/year long off-campus programs. Our programs foster deep cultural immersion, typically through homestays, language study, and course work before, during, and after the off-campus program. These well established and highly regarded programs are closely integrated into our campus curriculum and supported by the faculty.” Find out more at: http://www.stlawu.edu/ciis/programs

To get a better idea what these different study abroad options are like, I talked to a couple friends and asked them about their experiences!

Ali Kostick - Adirondack Semester

“My semester in the Adirondacks was like an extended summer camp that gave me the freedom to explore and thrive in the best setting amongst people who shared the same respect and interest in the environment as me.”   -http://visitadirondacks.com/about/adirondack-park


Emily Osiecki - Prague, Czech Republic

“I really loved the Prague program because they offer a large variety of classes that are immersive and do a great job of teaching you about European culture and customs. You also get the opportunity to travel every weekend, and because Prague is centrally located in Europe, it’s inexpensive to travel, which is a major plus. Also, the city is absolutely incredible and diverse, and there’s always something to do.”-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NA8DeQ9yF8


Maia Furnari - London

“The London study abroad program offers so many unique aspects. From experiencing unique classes with English professors, such as Advanced Theatre and Urban Geographies, and an internship for the last month of the program, London helped kickstart my professional career while giving me valuable academic opportunities. Another key part of the London semester is the host families that take you in as their own; this allowed for a deep cultural submersion as well as the opportunity to have a home away from home.”



Erin Hogan - Rome, Italy

“What made me love Italy was my host family for sure— through them I learned the language, culture, and opinions of Romans. Also my host family made dinner every night so that was an extra plus.”-http://www.holiday-weather.com/rome/averages/august/

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