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How To Survive the Last Days Before Spring Break

By Guest Writer: Olivia Goodwine ’20

If you’re anything like me, then the last few days before spring break kicks off are dreadful. All you can think about is the potential beach you’re going to be on or your living room couch and the million episodes of Netflix you’ll be able to binge. If you find that you are having a harder time than most, I have a few solutions to cure the pre-spring break blues.

1. Keep busy

Just remember, the more you have going on the more likely you are to forget that you still have 3 days until you finally get to escape campus. Go to the gym, clean your room to avoid the plague, and finish up your homework. We all know the busier you are the more likely it is that time will fly by.

2. Hangout with your friends

One week away from your girls might not be a long time in the grand scheme of life, but when you’re used to spending every second with them you start to miss them pretty quickly. Try making plans with your friends to get lunch, or dinner, or a well-made coffee at the bookstore, unlike the pub. Spending time with them will make your last few days at school bearable and possibly even fun!


3. Another exam?!? Just remember…

I know that some people are swamped with work the week before spring break, but take it as a blessing and not a curse. At least you don’t have to worry about studying while you’re on vacation or a staycation. You’ll be able to be work free for a whole week in just a few days! Hang in there!!

4.  Halo Top

There is nothing that a 320 calorie tub of ice cream can’t fix. Halo Top is delicious and *kind of, sort of* healthy! My favorite is peanut butter, but the Salted Caramel is also delicious. The Pub sells it and it is worth any meal plan money, CWA, or cash. Go ahead and swipe that card!

5.  The OC emails are pouring in…take advantage of them!

Now that we have been pounded with snow, the OC (Outing Club) is ready to take us all on some outdoor adventures. Send it to whiteface or up Azure Mountain. Spend some time with your friendly neighborhood Outing Club and enjoy the snow before it’s gone for good!



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