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How to Solve the Ticker Shoe Predicament

There is no bigger fashion challenge in our little upstate oasis than that of shoes to wear to our favorite downtown club, the Tick Tock. We’re all torn between being fashionable (but not too fashionable that we trash our new favorite pair of shoes!) and practical, because let’s be real: the sludge from the Ticker floor is never truly going to come off those shoes. So how do savvy Laurentians solve this predicament? They know how to online shop; a survival skill in the NoCo. Here are some tips about brands, websites, and sneaky deals to help you cure your Ticker shoe problems!

1.     If you find a shoe that you really like, but that is a little pricey, keep searching! Chances are they will be on sale somewhere else, or that there will be a much simialr shoe at a lower price. Amazon usually has great knock offs too, but SHHH! That is one of the best kept secrets….

2.     If you find a pair of shoes that are marked down on a site but not on another, the one that has your size plus free shipping (of course), check the site’s policy! Most online retailers will match the competitor’s price for you.

3.     Call Customer Service if the website says they have “sold out” of your size, as they usually have more in stock than just their online inventory. One call and you may just be in luck!

4.     Choose your brands and websites wisely! Try checking out Chinese Laundry,  LuLu’s, Zara, H&M, ASOS, DSW, and Amazon!

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