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How Schitt’s Creek Kept Me Laughing Through Quarantine

Yes, you read that right. Schitt’s Creek: a show that slowly rose to fame and popularity in its short six-season run. Starting in 2015 and ending in early 2020, the show centers around the rich and self-centered Rose family who lose everything because their lawyer embezzled their money. The only thing he left them was a town called Schitt’s Creek. Far from what the family is used to, the town was bought by the patriarch of the family, John, for his son, David, as a birthday gag gift. 

Right off the bat, I despised these characters. Their self-absorbed nature and just plain disregard for others chafed me. Additionally, despite living together in a giant mansion, their connections and relationships with their own family members is nonexistent. Yet, their shenanigans and growth over the length of the show kept me coming back for more. Johnny Rose, the leader of the Rose family, is the most down to earth (that’s not to say he isn’t a bit conceited) and pushes the hardest for the family to reconnect. Moira, Johnny’s wife, is an eccentric former soap opera actress with an unidentifiable accent and a wall of wigs that are all named. David, the son of Johnny and Moira, is a fashion-focused individual who easily has the best lines in the show. Lastly, we cannot forget Alexis, the daughter of Johnny and Moira, and sister to David. She was my least favorite of the show, as she was cruel and extremely selfish. But her growth and development throughout the show are delightfully complex and genuine, and she soon became a favorite of mine. 

I cannot forget the other wonderful characters of the show, such as Roland, Joyce, Twyla, and many others, Schitt’s Creek is full of a motley crew that will never fail to make you laugh or cry. This show is a masterpiece of balancing comedy with down-to-earth and heartfelt moments, as well as representation for the LGBTQ+ community. I do not want to give too much away, as one should experience the show for themselves. It is definitely worth bingeing during this time of social distancing and quarantine.



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