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How to Pop Tags at the Thrift Store

Thrift store shopping can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Here at St. Lawrence, the lack of retail stores in the surrounding North County makes up for it in sweet thrift spots!

Tip 1: Have a budget

When surrounded by a lot of sales you may think you are saving a lot of money, when in reality you still could be spending hundreds of dollars. Set a budget before you go to the thrift store and remember that each item you buy adds up! Try not to get too caught up in all the sales and keep an eye on how much your total will be while shopping. That being said, it is okay to purchase a lot, as long as you stay within your budget and purchasing items that you will really wear, because you are ultimately sprucing up your closet in a environmentally and financially friendly way.

Tip 2: Scour every nook and cranny

Thrift stores have “hidden gems” for a reason. Most of our most sought after thrifty items have been found in back racks, in miscellaneous bins and top shelves. Thrift stores aren’t always as organized as your favorite retail store, so putting in a little work will pay off in the end!

Tip 3: Survey the item closely

Sometimes when you pick up an item it could be super cute but when you bring it home you notice it has a stain on it. Make sure you look at the item closely for small stains you might have missed at first glance that might not come out. Turn your clothes inside out to make sure they are in good condition. The worst feeling is getting home from the thrift store and finding a stain on the back of your new piece of clothing!

Tip 4: Try on the clothes

Try on the clothes you’re eyeing and make sure they fit right! Not only does this ensure your clothes will look glam, but it also makes thrift shopping more fun! Whether it’s popping them on over the clothes you’re already wearing or completely changing, it’s fun to play dress up!

Tip 5: Wash TWICE

Honestly, who knows where your thrifty item has been in its past. But, don’t let a funky smell keep you from your vintage street style! Just remember a few cycles in the washing machine can do wonders and make your clothes super soft!

Some of our favorite local spots:

  • Classy Collectables

Canton, NY (in subway plaza)

  • Clothes Closet

Potsdam, NY (small building en route to Walmart)

  • St. Vincent

Canton, NY (on main street, past Sergi’s Italian Pizzeria)

  • North Country Neighbors

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